Chauri Chaura Incident, Nehru Report, Simon Commission


Chauri Chaura is a village situated at
Ans : Gorakhpur district(Uttarpradesh)

Main cause for the Chauri Chaura incident
Ans : Police firing against the people agitating in favor of Non- cooperation movement

The people rebelled against the police firing and burnt the police station, which caused the death of twenty two policemen at
Ans : Chauri Chaura

Chauri Chaura incident took place on
Ans : February 5,1922

Gandhiji withdrew the Non-cooperation movement due to
Ans : Chauri Chaura incident

Gandhiji described the Chauri Chaura incident as
Ans : A Himalayan Blunder

The memorandum outlining a proposed new dominion status constitution for India 
Ans : Nehru Report

Nehru Report was prepared under the Chairmanship of
Ans : Motilal Nehru

The Secretary of the Nehru Report Committee
Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru


Simon Commission was formed on
Ans : November 26,1927

Simon Commission arrived in India on
Ans : February 3,1928

The Chairman of the Simon Commission
Ans : Sir John Simon

Number of members in Simon Commission
Ans : Seven

The aim of Simon Commission
Ans : To study the constitutional reforms in India

Simon Commission is also known as
Ans : White Men Commission

The slogan raised against Simon Commission
Ans : 'Simon go back'

The slogan 'Simon Go back' was coined by
Ans : Yusuf Meherally 

The Session of the Congress which passed the resolution to boycott the Simon Commission
Ans : Madras Session (1927)

The President of the Madras Congress Session in 1927 
Ans : M.A.Ansari

Simon Commission returned to Britain on 
Ans : March 3,1929

The Simon Commission submitted its report on
Ans : May 27, 1930

The national leader who died consequent to the lathi charge in the protest against the arrival of Simon Commission
Ans : Lala Lajpat Rai 

The Keralites participated in Dandi March
Ans : C. Krishnan Nair, Titus, Raghava Pothuvai, Sankarji

The leader of Salt Satyagraha in Tamil Nadu
Ans : C. Rajagopalachari

The leader of Salt Satyagraha in Payyannur
Ans : K. Kelappan

The song which inspired the Kerala Salt Satyagraha
Ans : Varika Varika Sahajare...

Gandhiji suspended Civil Disobedience Movement on
Ans : April 7,1934

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