FIFA World cup 2018 Expected Questions_Current Affairs


•FIFA-Federation International De Football Association

•Foundation-May 21, 1904

•Headquarters -Zurich Switzerland
•President -GianiInfantino

•official mascot of FIFA World Cup 2018-Zabivakawolf [The Goalscorer]

•How many National Union Members of FIFA ?

FIFA World cup 2018

•FIFA World Cup 2018 is played in which country ?

•2014 was held in Brazil
•* Next 2022 will be in Qatar

•FIFA World Cup 2018 has been played
•14 June -15 July 2018

•How many teams have participated?

•How many matches were played

•highest goalscorer
•Harry Kane

•best player of the tournament ?
•Luca Modric

•best young player

•Which version?

•Final match is played at

•winner of FIFA World Cup 2018

•runner-up in FIFA World Cup 2018 final?

•France has so far won the titles ?
•2 times

•French team coach?
•Didiyer Deschamps

•captain ofFrance?
•Hugo Lauris

•Golden Boot award?
•Harry Kane
 Most goalscorer(England )

•Golden Gloves Award?
•TiboteCarthius( Belgian Goalkeeper )

•Which country will host the next FIFA World Cup?
•Qatar(It will be held in 2022)

•Golden Ball award?
•Luka Modric
(Croatia's Player)

•captain of the Croatia?
•Luka Modric

•Youngest Player?
Daniel Arzani(Australian, 15 days Younger than KeolinMbbape)

•Fair Play Trophy ?

•Participated first time
•C) Panama & Iceland

•Man of the Match award?

•( France player)

•Which team has not won a single match?

•Won the Maximum World Cup so far?

•total amount of reward given to the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2018?
•260 crores

•Runners up -to 191 crores

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