India- Geographical Facts

India- Geographical Facts

Indian Geography

Total Area of India 
Ans: 32, 87, 263 Sqkm (3.287 million sq km)
7th largest country in the world 
Ans: India
6th largest country - Australia 
8th largest country - Argentina
Percentage of Earth's surface covered by India
Ans : 2.42 %
India lies entirely in the
Ans : Northern Hemisphere 
Latitude extension of India 
Ans : 8°4'N to 37°6'N 
Longitude extension of India 
Ans : 68°7'E to 97°25'E
The longitudinal and latitudinal extent of India is about
Ans : 30 degree
North - South distance of India 
Ans : 3214 Km (1997 miles)
East - West distance of India 
Ans : 2933 Km (1822 miles)
Total length of coastline
Ans : 7516.6km
Length of coastline in Indian mainland
Ans: 6100 km
Indian States having coastline 
Ans : 9 (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhrapradesh, Odisha and West Bengal)


Northern most point of India
Ans: Indira col (Jammu & Kashmir)
Southern most point of India
Ans: Indira point (Great Nicobar)
Eastern most point of India
Ans: Kibithu (Arunachal Pradesh)
Western most point of India
Ans: Guhar Moti (Gujarat)
Southern most point of Indian main land
Ans: Cape Comorin
Southern most point of Indian Union
Ans: The Indira point
Southern most point of peninsular India
Ans: Cape Comorin
Former names of Indira point
Ans: Pygmalion point and Parsons point
Latitude of Indira point
Ans: 6°4'N
Latitude of Cape Comorin
Ans: 8°4'N
Length of land frontier 
Ans : 15,200 km
Indian Standard Time is fixed based on
Ans : 82.5°E Longitude
Union Territories having Coastal Area
Ans : 4 (Daman and Diu, Puducherry, Andaman Nicobar and Lakshadweep)
State which has the longest coastline
Ans : Gujarat
State which has the least coastline
Ans : Goa
The State which has the most coastline in south India
Ans : Andhra Pradesh
The Union Territory which has the longest coastline
Andaman & Nicobar (1962 km)
The Union Territory which has the least coastline
Ans : Daman and Diu
Total Number of coastal districts
Ans : 73
Mainland - 69; Andaman & Nicobar - 3, Lakshadeep -1
The only south Indian state which has no coastline
Ans : Telangana
The coastal area of Indian mainland can be divided into
Ans : 2
Coast of Bay of Bengal
Ans : Eastern Coast 
Coast of Arabian Sea
Ans : Western Coast 
Eastern coast is commonly known as
Ans : Coramandal Coast
Mainly, the coasts of Tamilnadu and Andhrapradesh are included in
Ans : Coramandal Coast
North part of western coast
Ans : Konkan Coast
Coast from Raigar, Maharashtra to 
Ans : Mangalore, Karnataka is known as
Konkan Coast
South part of western coast
Malabar Coast
The coast from Mangalore to Kanyakumari is known as
Ans : Malabar Coast
Mainly, the coast of Kerala is included in
Ans : Malabar Coast
Meeting place of Eastern Coast and Western Coast
Ans : Kanyakumari
Meeting place of Malabar Coast and Coramandal Coast
The local wind blows in Malabar coast at the end of south west monsoon season (during September - October)
Ans : Elephanta
Neighbouring Countries
Ans : 9
Pakistan, Afghanistan, China,
Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh,
Myanmar, Sri Lanka & Maldives



Pakistan- 3,323 km
Afganistan- 106 km
China- 3488 km
Nepal- 1751 km
Bhutan- 699 km
Bangladesh- 4097 km
 Myanmar- 1643 km
Largest Neighbouring Country
Ans: China
Smallest Neighbouring Country
Ans: Maldives
Smallest neighbouring country which shares boundary with India
Ans: Bhutan (699 km)
Neighbouring Country which shares longest boundary with India
Ans: Bangladesh (4097 km)
Neighbouring Country which shares the least boundary with India
Ans: Afghanistan (106 km)
State having the longest boundary with Bangladesh
Ans: West Bengal
The only State which shares boundary with Afghanistan
Ans: Jammu & Kashmir
Number of States sharing boundaries with neighbours
Ans: 17
In the Indian subcontinent, India is the only country to share its landfrontier with every member country of the subcontinent.
States which have both international boundary and coastline
Ans:Gujarat and West Bengal
Major latitude which passes through the middle of India
Ans: Tropic of Cancer (23 V2°N latitude)


Pakistan - Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and 
Afghanistan - Jammu and Kashmir
China - Jammu and kashmir,Himachal Pradesh
Nepal - Uttarakhand,UP,Bihar,West Bengal,Sikkim
Bhutan - Sikkim ,west Bengal,Arunachal Prasesh3
Bangladesh - West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura,Mizoram
Myanmar - Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram

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