Photo electric Effect, Reflection, Refraction of Light, Refractive Index

Photo electric Effect, Reflection, Refraction of Light, Refractive Index


Photoelectric Effect was proposed by
Ans : Heinrich Hertz
Photoelectric Effect was explained by
Ans : Albert Einstein
For his explanation of Photoelectric Effect, he got Nobel prize for Physics in
Ans : 1921
Metal surfaces like Sodium, Potassium, Zinc will eject electrons when electromagnetic radiations fall upon them
The Law of Photoelectric Effect was formulated by
Ans : Albert Einstein
The working principle of solar cells
Ans : Photoelectric Effect


When a ray of light falls on a smooth surface and returns to the same medium, it is called
Ans : Reflection of light
An object which reflects all colours appears as
Ans : White
An object which absorbs all colours appears as 
Ans : Black


The bending of light when a ray of light travels from one medium to another is called
Ans : Refraction
Snell's law is related with
Ans : Refraction


Twinkling of stars  
A pond looks shallow
Stick appears to be bended, when immersed in water
Early sunrise and late sunset


The ratio of the sine of angle of incidence in the first medium to the sine of angle of refraction in the second medium is a constant for a given pair of medium and for a given wavelength of light 
Ans : N - Sine i /Sine r
Due to change of medium the phase velocity of the wave is changed but its frequency remains 
Ans : Constant
Fatamorgana is a term associated with
Ans : Mirage
The measure of optical density of the medium is
Ans : Refractive index  
Refractive index of a medium
=Speed of light in vacuum /Speed of light in medium


Vacuum - 1
Ice - 1.31
Water - 1.33
Diamond - 2.42

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