India is broadly classified into 6 physical divisions. They are
1.Northern Mountain Ranges
2.Coastal Plains
3.Great Indian Desert
4.Northern Plains
5.Peninsular Plateaus
6.Indian Islands


Northernmost physical division in India
Ans : Northern Mountain Ranges
Trans Himalaya, Himalaya & Purvachal / Patkai are comprised to form
Ans : Northern Mountain Ranges


Karakoram, Ladakh and Zaskar are the three major mountain ranges in 
Ans: Trans Himalaya
The heavily glaciated part of the world outside polar region in India 
Ans: Karakoram
Mountain refers to Krishnagiri in Sanskrit Literature
Ans: Karakoram
Highest peak in Trans Himalaya
Ans: Mount K2 (Godwin Austin)
Mount K2 is in
Ans: Karakoram range
The mountain range which is situated in the western part of the river Indus
Ans: Karakoram
The mountain range of India which starts from the Pamir Plateau
Ans: Karakoram
The range which forms India's frontier with Afghanistan and China
Ans: Karakoram
The range which acts as watershed between India and Turkistan
Ans: Karakoram
The mountain ranges which lies on the north of the Karakoram and it spreads to Afghanistan
Ans: Hindukush
The mountain range which lies to the south of Karakoram
Ans: Pir Panjal
The Karakoram range extends from the Pamir knot to Tibet
Ans: Kailash range
Name of the Mount Kailash in Tibet
Ans : Kang Rimpoche
Highest paved International road in the world
Ans : Karakonam High way
The high way connecting Xinjiang (China) with Gilgit Ballistan (Pakistan)
Ans : Karakoram Highway
Third longest glacier outside polar region
Ans : Biafo Glacier (Karakoram range-Pakistan)
Longest glacier outside polar region
Ans : Fedchenko Glacier (Thajikistan)
The moutain peak which is locally known as Chogori / Qogir / Lamba pahar / Dapsang
Ans: Mount K2
Second highest peak in the world Mount K2 Highest peak in India 
Ans: Mount K2
Mount K2 is located in
Ans: Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK) 
Height of Mount K2 
Ans: 8611m
The second highest peak in India
Ans: Nanda Devi (Uttarakhand)
The Novel in which Rudyard Kipling refers to Karakoram Mountain range
Ans: Kim
The glacier situated on the east of Karakoram range
Ans: Siachen glacier


Name Siachen refers to
Ans: Plenty of roses
Highest glacier in the world
Highest warfield in the world
Highest Helipad in the world
Highest army post in the world
Second longest glacier out side polar region
Third pole of earth
Largest mountain glacier in the world
Largest glacier in India
Origin of river Nubra is from
Ans: Siachen
Operation Meghadut (1984) deals with
Ans: Siachen
First Indian president who visited Siachen
Ans: Dr. A.PJ. Abdul Kalam
Indira Col, the northern most point of India is located in
Ans: Siachen glacier


Word meaning of Himalaya 
Ans: Abode of snow 
Ans: 2400 km
Himalaya extends from river Indus in the west to
Ans: Brahmaputra river in the east
Youngest fold mountain in the world
Ans: The Himalayas
Largest fold mountain in the world 
Ans : The Himalayas
Highest mountain range in the world 
Ans : The Himalayas 
The Himalaya comprises mainly 
Ans : Sedimentary rocks


India                   Afghanistan
Pakistan                    China
Nepal Bhutan


Jammu & Kashmir          Assam
Himachal Pradesh          West Bengal
Uttarakhand                     Sikkim
Arunachal Pradesh        Nagaland
Manipur                            Mizoram
Tripura                              Meghalaya
The mountain range which separates Indian subcontinent from Tibet plateau 
Ans : The Himalaya
The mountain range which separates Indo - Gangetic plain from Tibet Plateau 
Ans : The Himalaya
The major seismic belt in Himalayas 
Ans : Alpine - Himalayan orogenic belt (Alpide belt)
The second most seismically active region in the world
Ans : Alpide belt
The most seismically active region in the world
Ans : Circum-pacific belt
Rain shadow region of Himalaya Tibet Plateau
The mountain range in Myanmar which looks like the continuation of Himalayas 
Ans : Arakan Yoma 
The Queen of Himalayas 
Ans : Darjeeling
The Himalaya consists of three parallel mountain ranges:
1. Himadri 2. Himachal 3. Siwalik


Northern most Himalayan range 
Ans : Himadri
Average height of Himadri 
Ans : 6000 meter 
Highest Himalayan range 
Ans : Himadri
The backbone of Himalaya 
Ans : Himadri


The Mount Everest      Kanchenjunga
Nandadevi                      Nanga Parbat 
Dhoulagiri                       Annapoorna 
Makalu etc
Highest peak in Himadri
Ans : The Mount Everest (Nepal) 
Highest Himalayan peak in India 
Ans : Kanchenjunga (Sikkim)
Highest peak entirely inside India 
Ans : Kanchenjunga (8586 m)
Highest peak in undisputed India 
Ans : Kanchenjunga 
Second Highest peak in India 
Ans : Kanchenjunga 
3rd Highest peak in the world
 Ans : Kanchenjunga
Kanchenjunga National Park is included in UNESCO's world heritage site in 
Ans : 2016
The mountain range which means the five treasures of snow
Ans : Kanchenjunga
9 out of the 10 highest peaks in the world are located in 
Ans : Himadri


The range located on the middle of Himalaya
Ans : Himachal
The Himalayan range lies between Himadri and Siwalik ranges 
Ans : Himachal
Himachal is also known as
Ans : Lesser Himalaya or Lower Himalaya
Himachal range lies to the south of Himadri range and north of 
Ans : Siwalik range


Dalhousie - Himachal Pradesh
Shimla - Himachal Pradesh
Darjeeling - West Bengal
Nainital - Uttarakhand
Mussoorie - Uttarakhand
Almorah - Uttarakhand
Ranigarh - Uttarakhand
Mughal emperor Jahangir and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru titled the Kashmir valley as
Ans : Paradise on earth
The valley which is known as 'Valley of god'
Ans : Kulu Valley
Old name of Kulu Valley 
Aans : Kulanthpitha 
Kulanthpitha means
Ans : The end of Habitable land 
Valley famous for fruits and blankets 
Ans : Kulu
The temple Masroor rock cut temple is situated at
Ans : Kangra Valley
Masroor Rock cut Temple is known as 
Ans : Himalayan Pyramid


Kashmir Valley- Jammu & Kashmir 
Kulu- Himachal Pradesh 
Manali- Himachal Pradesh 
Kangra- Himachal Pradesh 
Lahaul valley- Himachal Pradesh
Spiti valley - Himachal Pradesh
Famous lake in Nainital- Bhimtal lake(Uttarkhand) 
Largest mountain range in Lesser Himalaya
Ans: Pir Panjal Range
The valley between Pir Panjal and Karakoram
Ans: Kashmir Valley
Valley between The Himalaya (Pir Panjal) and The Trans Himalaya (Karakoram)
Ans: Kashmir Valley
Valley between Pir Panjal and Himadri
Ans: Kulu Valley
Famous hill station in Pir Panjal range
Ans: Gulmarg (Jammu & Kashmir)
The river Which flows through Kullu valley
Ans: Beas
Great Himalayan National Park is situated at
Ans: Kulu valley
Manikaran Geyser is located in the valley of
Ans: Kulu Valley
The place known as 'the abode of Manu'
Ans: Manali
The hill station known as queen of hill stations
Ans: Mussoorie
The river which forms the Kashmir valley
Ans: Jhelum
The major trees found in Himachal
Ans: Pine, Oak, Deodar, Fir
The mountain range that connects the Himalaya and the mountains, of Central Asia
Ans: Pamir Mountains
The mountain ranges known as the roof of the world
Ans: Pamir Mountain


The southernmost range in Himalaya 
Ans: Siwalik
The Himalayan range known as outer Himalaya
Ans: Siwalik
Siwalik range is naturally made of
Ans: Soft rock and mud
The longitudinal valleys in Siwalik
Ans: Dunes
Dune valleys are located between
Ans: Siwalik and Lesser Himalaya
Largest Dune

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