Peninsular Rivers of India/ River Narmada,Tapti, Godavari



The longest west flowing river in India
Ans : Narmada

Length of the Narmada
Ans : 1312 km

The river Narmada originates from
Ans : Amarkhantak hills in Madhya Pradesh

The river which divides India into North and South India
Ans : Narmada

The river that flows in between Vindhya and Satpura
Ans : Narmada

The river known as the river between two mountains
Ans : Narmada

The mountain range located in between Narmada and Tapti
Ans : Satpura range


Bamar Tawa
Shakkar Kiran
Barha etc

Ancient name of Narmada
Ans : Reva

Sardar Sarovar Project has been constructed on the river
Ans : Narmada

The rivers Narmada and the Tapti drain into
Ans : Arabian sea (at Gulf of Kambhat)

The only river in India that flows through rift valley
Ans : Narmada

The famous 'Marble Water Falls' is situated on
Ans : Narmada

The environmentalist who led the Narmada Bachao Andolan
Ans : Medha Patkar

Kanha National Park is situated on the banks of
Ans : Narmada


The river Tapti Originates from
Ans : Satpura ranges (Betul district of Madhya Pradesh)

The river flows parallel to the Narmada
Ans : Tapti

Length of Tapti river
Ans : 724

The second largest peninsular river that flows towards west
Ans : Tapti

Ukai and Kakrapara hydroelectric projects are constructed across the river
Ans : Tapti

The river known as the twin river of Narmada
Ans: Tapti

The river known as handmaid of Narmada
Ans: Tapti


The largest peninsular river in India
Ans : Godavari

The longest river in India that entirely flows inside India
 Ans : Godavari

The second largest river in India
Ans : Godavari 

Length of Godavari
Ans : 1465 km 

The Godavari rises from the western Ghats in the
Ans : Nasik district of Maharashtra 

The Godavari drains into the
Ans : Bay of Bengal 

Major tributaries
Ans : Manjeera, Indravathi, Sabari, Purna etc

Rajamundri, Bhadrachalam, Nasik are some of the important town on the banks of the river
Ans: Godavari

Sriram Sagar dam the largest dam across the Godavari is located in
Ans: Telangana

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