Joint Inspection of Points and Crossings in Railway Signalling

Joint Inspection of Points and Crossings in Railway Signalling

Joint Inspection of Points and Crossings in Railway Signalling

Railway Signalling Systems- Points and Crossings

 Joint Inspection of Points and Crossings

Objectives of Joint inspections are;

1. To enable efficient and effective working of all the S&T gears for smooth and Safe Train operations.

2. To carryout maintenance and renewals for preventing failures and mishap.

3. To necessitate the S&T and Civil Engineering Department officials to

co- ordinate with each other for timely and proper execution of works.

Staff responsible for joint Inspection:

Incharge SSEs of the Civil Engg and S&T are responsible for conducting Joint Inspection as per schedule and the compliance of notes drawn in result of the inspection.

Where an official in charge is not available the assistant Supervisor preferably in the same grade or the Junior grade may associate.

Schedule of Inspection:

`All points lying over Passenger running lines - once in 3 months and

All points lying over goods running lines - once in 6 months.

Documentation of Inspection:-

1. A bound register to be maintained at each station containing all the details of the points with a standard format for recording the inspection details.

2. Deficiencies noted during inspection and the action to be taken shall be recorded in red ink.

3. Deficiencies which may affect safety shall be attended immediately.,

4. Joint works shall be programmed with Civil Engg department under traffic block.

Conditions to be checked during Inspection:

1. Conditions of Switch and stock rails like worn out /damaged .

2. Housing of Switch rail against stock rails

3. Level and packing of point portion

4. conditions of slide chair,stretcher bars, sleepers and fastening .

5. Checking of interlocking like split guage test and track locking etc.,

6. Condition of insulated rail joints and insulation of ground connection rods.

A report to be submitted by SSE/Signals and SSE/P.way to their Sr.DSTE and Sr.DEN respectively as a quarterly report about the points inspected during the quarter along with the compliance report for the same.

GRS Railway Objective Questions General Rules of Signals

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