Block Instrument Double Key Lock Register

 Block Instrument Double Key Lock Register:

Block Instrument Double Key Lock Register:

1. Each block instrument is provided with a lock and Double keys or Double locks with their keys.

2. One key of the lock will be with SM which is kept in a key box with lock key provision.

3. The other key will be with the custody of S&T official.

4. This arrangement has been made to prevent opening of the Block instrument without the knowledge of each other.

5. S&T official whenever they require to open the Instrument during Maintenance or during attending failure shall make a request for the key with the SM on duty.

6. This transaction shall be documented through a register called “Block Instrument Double Key Lock Register”

6. S&T official shall get the register from the SM and fill up the details like Date,Time ,the Block section and the nature of work to be done and submit it to SM on duty.

7. On receipt of the request from S&T official SM shall affix his signature in the register as his acceptance of the request and take out the key from the key box and hand it over to the S&T official. The key shall be handed over only if there is no train services and the instrument is in Line closed condition.

8. On getting the key from SM, S&T official shall open the Block instruement and complete his work.

9. On completion of the work S&T official shall lock instrument promptly and hand over the key after making necessary entry like Time at which key handed over after putting his signature.

10. SM also shall affix his signature after ascertaining the locking of Instrument.

11. This register will be inspected by all inspecting officials of S&T and operating .

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