Safety Rules in Railway- General Rules, Subsidiary rules

Safety Rules in Railway- General Rules, Subsidiary rules

Under Section 175 of The Railways Act, 1989 and by the terms of Employment, a Railway Servant shall obey the following Safety Rules for the safe running of trains.

1) General Rules.

2) Subsidiary Rules.

3) Special Instructions.

4) Approved Special Instructions.

5) Station Working Rules.

6) Miscellaneous Instructions.


➢ GRS are framed by Railway Board.

➢ It was first issued in 1907 and then revised in 1929 and 1976.

➢ It contains the basic principles for Safe Train Operations.

➢ GR should not be violated.

➢ It is applicable for all the Zonal Railways.

➢ Any amendments to General Rule is issued only by Railway Board

➢ It is printed in ‘BOLD’ letters.

➢ There are 344 Rules spread over 18 Chapters.

➢ Rule No.: Number to the Left of the dot indicates Chapter No. and Number to the Right of the dot indicates Rule No. (Example: 4.09 means rule number 9 in chapter number 4.)


“Subsidiary Rule” means a special instruction which is subservient to the General Rule to which it relates and shall not be at variance with any General Rule.

➢ Subsidiary Rules are issued by Authorized Officer. PCOM is the Authorized Officer for Southern Railway.

➢ SR explains or clarifies GRs according to local requirement.

➢ It shall not be at variance with GR and not violate any GR.

➢ It is applicable only to a particular Zone.

➢ It is printed in small letters below the GR to which it refers.

➢ Rule Number is same as that of GR to which it refers with a prefix “S.R” .e.g. S.R 4.09.

➢ Correction to any SR shall be given only by Authorized Officer.


“Special instructions” means instructions issued from time-to-time by the authorised officer in respect to particular cases or special circumstances.

Special Instructions are the Instructions,

➢ Issued by Authorized Officer

➢ From time to time

➢ With respect to a particular case or circumstance.

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