Two plans Railway Introduced to clean ‘gutkha’ stain

 Two plans Railway Introduced to clean ‘gutkha’ stain 

In this post we will discuss two types of plans to clean Gutkha stain in Trains and Station Premises.

Railway Introduced Spitter Kiosks and  EzySpit plan to clean ‘gutkha’ stain

How this Spitter Kiosks and Ezyspit Plan is working and why it is introduced? read the rest of the post.

1. Spitter Kiosks

Railways come up with new plan spending Rs 12000 crore a year to clean ‘gutkha’ stains.

The plan is to install spitter kiosks at station premises which can be used by the general public.

Even though Swachha Bharat initiative which has been widely publicized, it has been tough to bring about behavioural changes in some people who are used to spit in public.

They probably do not realize the seriousness of damage they do. Here’s an estimate of how much Railway has to Spend every year for this cleaning. the Indian Railways spends a big amount of about Rs 12000 crore every year just to clean the ‘gutkha’ stains.

Ezy spit Bin

Despite the COVID-19 guidelines which hugely stresses maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness of the surrounding, the habitual public have not changed their activities like this.

 However, the railways has come up with a solution. The plan is to install spitter kiosks at the station premises which can be used by the general public at any time.


The Indian Railways is going to install such kiosks in 42 stations across the country. These kiosks will be stocked with spittoon pouches that would cost from Rs 5 to 10.


We can hope people would make use of the spittoons that would help them cut down on the stain-cleaning expenses.


2. Ezyspit Biodegradable pouches

Three railway zones Western, Northern and Central-have awarded contracts to a startup, EzySpit, for this initiative.


EzySpit has introduced a pocket-sized reusable and biodegradable spittoon, with seeds that will grow into plants when it is disposed of

Vending machines or kiosks are being set up at 42 stations to provide the spittoon pouch for ₹5 to ₹10.



These spittoons can be easily carried in pockets and enable passengers to spit whenever they want and wherever they want while leaving the rail premises without ugly stains.


The product features macromolecule pulp technology and is equipped with a material that locks in bacteria and viruses present in saliva, according to its manufacturer.


These biodegradable pouches, which come in different sizes and are reusable up to 15 to 20 times, also contain seeds along with a material that absorbs the spit and turns them into a solid. Once used, these pouches when disposed of in mud or soil, encourage plant growth.


Users can toss spittoons anyplace as it's biodegradable. Likewise, assuming you toss it into mud or soil, it helps in developing plants as the granular have seeds in them too.

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