Registers/Documentations to be maintained at Telecom Installations

 Registers/Documentations to be maintained at Telecom Installations

 Exchange Indoor

a) Exchange layout plan

b) Rack layout plan for each rack with connection details

c) MDF and IDF terminal on plan

d) Installation manual for equipment

e) Software documentation

f) Operation and maintenance manual

g) Wiring diagram for power panel

h) Manual for battery chargers

i) Battery maintenance register


a) Telephone No. wise subscriber’s details

b) Subscriber wise Telephone Directory

c) Cable/Overhead layout plan

d) Subscriber premises typical wiring plan

e) Outdoor cable testing register

OFC system

a) KM wise diagram (soft & hard copy)

b) Channel planning chart

c) E1 allocation chart

d) STM 1 equipment Test register

e) PD MUX test register

f) SMPS battery charger test register

g) Maintenance register

h) Earth measurement register

i) Fiber joint test register with RCIL

j) Installation Manual of STM1 equipment

k) Operation Manual of STM1 equipment

l) Maintenance Manual of STM1 equipment

m) Installation Manual of PD MUX

n) Operation Manual of PD MUX

o) Maintenance Manual of PD MUX

p) Equipment History Register

1.5.3 Quad Cable

a) KM wise Cable route diagram (soft & hard copy)

b) Quad cable allocation chart

c) Quad cable testing register

 Data Networks (UTS/PRS/FOIS/Railnet/MIS)

a) Approved network diagram

b) Actual network diagram

c) E1 allocation for RCIL channels and details of BSNL channels

d) E1 Ring protection for RCIL/BSNL and its channel details

 Accident communication

a) Details of EC socket

b) Zonal Railway Telephone directory

c) Zonal CUG mobile directory

d) Satellite phone directory

e) Railway Board Telephone directory

f) Disaster Management Telephone directory

g) OFC/Quad Cable route diagram

h) Train Time Table

Passenger Amenities (at Stations)

a) Approved Installation network diagram

b) Actual network diagram

c) AMC/ARC particulars

d) Inspection registers

 Drawings/Specifications & Circulars/JPOs (Available at Divisional HQs/ section SSE level)

a) Set of all IRS (TC) drawings

b) Set of all RDSO drawings

c) Set of all IRS (TC) Specifications

d) Set of all RDSO Specifications

e) Railway Board Circulars & JPOs

f) Set of all Zonal Circulars & JPOs

g) Jurisdiction chart of Quad cable/OFC cable maintenance staff & Telecommunication equipment maintenance staff

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