GRS MCQ Objective Questions Railway|GRS questions Railway

 GRS MCQ Objective Questions Railway|GRS questions Railway

GRS MCQ Objective Questions Railway|GRS questions Railway

1. The electrical circuit provided to detect the presence of a vehicle on a portion of track ,the rails of the track forming part of the circuit is called as 


Route relay

Track circuit

Relay circuit


2. The line governed by one or more signals and includes connections if any ,used by a train when entering or leaving a station or when passing through a station or between stations is called as 

Signalled line

Non signalled line

Non running line

Running line

3. The line ordinarily used for running trains through and between stations is called as 

Loop line

Straight line

Main line

Branch line

4. How many safety rules are there in the set of safety rules 





5. Chapter 15 of general rules is 

Working of trains in electrified section

Permanent way and works

Level crossing

The automatic block system

6. Approved special instructions are sanctioned by 

Authorised officer

Commissioner of railway safety



7. No railway servant shall take or use any alcoholic drink sedative , narcotic or stimulant drug or preparation within how many hours before the commencement of his duty 

6 hours

7 hours

8 hours

9 hours

8. General rule contains how many chapters and how many rules 

344 chapters and 1800 rules

18 chapters and 344 rules

344 rules and 80 chapters

18 rules each in 344 chapters

9. A train approaching which point can be directly diverted from the line upon which it is running 

Facing point

Trailing point

Facing and trailing point

Facing or trailing point

9. Station working rules are framed and issued from 

Railway board

Zonal head quarters

Drm office

The office of crs

10. A fixed signal means a signal of fixed location which include 

A fixed light only

A semaphore arm or disc or fixed light for use by day and night

A semaphore arm or disc or fixed light for use by day and fixed light for use by night

None of these

11. General rules are framed and issued from 

Safety directorate of the division

Safety directorate of the zone

Safety Directorate of railway board

Safety directorate of the circle

12. A special instruction which is subservient to the general rule to which it relates and shall not be at variance with any general rule is called as 

Subsidiary rule

Special instruction

Station working rules

Approved special instructions

13. The authorised officer of southern railway is 





14. The signalling arrangement in which signals display at any one time any one of the three or more aspects and in which the aspect of every signal is prewarned by the aspect of the previous signal or signals is called as 

Absolute signalling

Automatic signalling

Two aspect signalling

Multiple aspect signalling

15. The authority given to the lp of a train , under the system of working, to enter the block section with his train is called as 

Line clear

Authority to enter

Starting permission

Authority to proceed

16. The instruction issued from time to time by the authorised officer in respect to particular cases or special circumstances are called as 

Subsidiary rules

Special instructions

Approved special instructions

Miscellaneous instructions

17. When wind velocity exceeds what value station master shall take action to stop all trains at the station 

41 knots or 72 kmph

72 knots or 41 kmph

42 knots or 71kmph

71 knots or 42 kmph

18. Subsidiary rules are applicable to the 

The Indian railways

The zonal railway

The particular division

The particular station

19. Chapter six of general rules is 

Working of trains generally

System of working

Accidents and unusual occurrences

The absolute block system

20. Direction of traffic up or down is referred in 


Station working rules

The signal

Working time table

21. Any place on a line of railway at which traffic is dealt with, or at which an authority to proceed is given under the system of working is called as 

Block section


Station section

Station limit

22. The distance sufficient to ensure safety is called 

Overlap distance

Safety distance

Adequate distance

Permission to approach

23. The fixed stop signal of a station controlling the entry of trains into the next block section is called as 

First stop signal

Last stop signal

Starter signal

Home signal

24. The mark at which the infringement of fixed standard dimension occurs ,where two lines cross or join one another is called as 

Cross mark

Signal mark

Fouling mark

Stop mark

25. The semi-automatic stop signal is identified by 

A marker

R marker light

Sa marker light

A marker light

26. The expansion of slb is

Station limit board

Shunting limit board

Station section limit board

Station limiting board

27. Shunt signal may be provided below a stop signal other than which signal 

Last stop signal

First stop signal

Advance starter

Routing signal

28. RW/L is provided at what distance from the unmanned lc or from manned lc where visibility is restricted 

600 mts

1200 mts

30 mts

250 mts

29. What is the on position of shunt signal which is provided in a seperate post 

No light

Two yellow lights inclined

Two white lights inclined

Two white lights horizontal

30. Where stop indicator is provided lp shall sign in which register and the caution spot shall be crossed at what speed 

Caution register& 15 kmph

ES 7 register & 10 kmph speed

ER 7 register &10 kmph speed

Caution register and 10 kmph speed 

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