IPIS Display Boards Railway|Trains information display system

 IPIS  Display Boards Railway |Trains information display system

Trains information display system is one of the most useful passenger amenities at

railway stations.

 It helps the passengers to know all information about trains such as arrival/departure timings, present status, platform numbers of arriving/leaving, formation of train etc.

1 Train Arrival/Departure Display Boards (TADDB)

These display boards can be further classified in following three types

i) Multi Line Display Board (MLDB)

ii) At a Glance Display Board (AGDB)

iii) Single Line Display Board (SLDB)

Multi Line Display Board (MLDB) 

Multi Line Display Board (MLDB)

These can be either single face or double face display boards and are provided at the main entrance points of railway stations and some times on important platforms. Display size can be minimum 2 lines to maximum 10 lines.

 It provides information of arriving and departing of all the trains in following format:

At a Glance Display Board 

At a Glance Display Board -AGDB

These are single face Display Boards used to provide complete information about a single train at a time. 

The information is displayed in three lines. 

First line displays train number, train name, train arrival/departure time and the platform

number similar to MLDB/SLDB. 

The second and third lines display train formation of that particular train starting from engine as given below:

Single Line Display Board 

Single Line Display Board SLDB

It is also called platform display board. 

Generally it is a double face display board provided on all platforms. It displays informations of a train which is about to arrive or depart from the platform on which it is provided.

Coach Guidance Display Boards (CGDB)

Coach Guidance Display Boards (CGDB)

These boards are provided along the length of a platform for the purpose of giving individual coach position information of a train which is about to arrive on that platform. 

CGDBs are small size double faced display boards. 

These display boards are interfaced to the control console through appropriate hub It displays only 5 character/numeric at a time for display of following: 

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